17 August 2013

My dream home decor wishlist

When I heard about dream home decor wishlist competition hold by Chaise Longue Boutique, I never doubt that I want to take part in it. I love to make moodboards and collages and I love to collect beautiful pictures and combine them the best possible way. 
So today I want to show all of you my personal dream home decor wishlist including all amazing decor things I found on different sites about interior. So that's it!

I didn't want to use strictly classic style, I wanted to make something creative that would combine different styles in one design. So on my moodboard you can see romantic elements with passion colours and also combination of classic white style furniture and of course modern decor accessories. As in clothing today it is fabulous to mix prints, so I wasn't afraid to do that. I think it is important not always follow rules and standards,  even when creating perfect home interior. It should be enough things, neither more nor less.
So what is my inspiration?  My inspiration comes from inside of me and from my hobbies and favorites.  Combining white and purple colours, putting plants in the interior (it can be orchids both white and violet colours) and adding some wonderful accents, what can be better?! 
Why I choose these every thing? Let's briefly review things I choose in order it takes places on the moodboard.
I choose Faux Fossilized Shell because of my addiction to the sea. When I will see that decor accessory in my dream home, it will always remind me about summer and about the sea. I found this beautiful art object on Z Gallerie home decor page. [http://www.zgallerie.com/]
The next thing is Pink Leather Pouf, I think it is very fabulous, so it should defnitely take some place in my dream home. Found it on Furbish Studio. [http://www.furbishstudio.com wi/]
Frame collection is needed in every home, in every room. It is about our memories, so it is very important. Put here some photos of your relatives, your best friends and your loves, and this will be the prettiest collection ever! Found it on World Market. [http://www.worldmarket.com/]
I found on Z Gallerie amazing Pillow, think it will be nice looking in the whole interior. As you notice, there is two pillows on my collage. Another pillow will be for person with whom I will share my home <3
What romantic atmosphere without candles? None! So these beautiful aubergine candles in style candlestick I found also on Z Gallerie.
I choose Esterel library Bookcase because I love reading so much, it is one of my passions in life so it should be a place for my books in my room. It is the best decision to organize my books. Found it on Chaise Longue Boutique
Ava White Lacquer Nightstand I found on Shop Ten 25 [http://shopten25.com] is definitely needed for some girly things. All of them should be always near, so what is the better place than nightstand?
Sets of Montecito Stemware in that beautiful colour! I think it is great to share a little of wine with the one you love in your dream home. Let's make amazing evenings. Also found it on Z Gallerie.
As I already said, plants will make design complete. Aubergine set of flowers are so amazing! You can make the shape you want, also found it on Z Gallerie.
Exclusive decor accessory of Z Gallerie is Haversham Bowl, I include it in the wishlist because it represents vintage style, and my mission was to combine different styles. And this accessory is so awesome!
Finally, chair! It will be the perfect addition for  Library Bookcase. I found it on Furbish Studio and it seems very comfortable.
Lamp I found on Shop Ten 25 is made of natural agate and amethyst. Lamp fits perfectly into the interior and make feeling of home.
I choose World globe in aquamarine colour on Z Gallerie site because I love travelling so I want this thing in my dream house, I will mark places what I visited in the world. Nice idea!
I need to tell you that I'm in love with amazing Pink Lotus decor accessory I found on Furbish Studio. It is perfect for all my things in wishlist.
And the last thing in my moodboard is Ellipse vase, also founded on Z Gallerie. This vase has modern and futuristic style, you can put here white orchids and it will make you happy, look how it shines for you! 
So, that was my dream home decor wishlist. Hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Your wishlist has such amaxing things.. Would love to include them in my wishlist too..
    Keep in touch,

  2. What a lovely wishlist! So many pretty things.

  3. Классный вишлист! Тоже из этого хочу половину!;)

  4. Pretty! I like your taste.
    xo Stéphie


  5. Hi! Thanks for the great information you have provided! You have touched on crucial points!
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